Is NEBOSH a necessary for getting international safety engineer Job?

Yes very much is the answer. NEBOSH IGC certification agency is U.K based and globally accredited. Course syllabuses is updated and amended time to time to suit the new technological advancement and it is very well accepted in all Middle East establishments also covering almost all continents of our Globe. NEBOSH Course name can be detailed as NEBOSH International General Certification (Nebosh IGC), NEBOSH HSW, NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety

Is online training for NEBOSH International Diploma is good enough to impart training?

Yes very much. As we all are struck with Pandemic related mobility issues, Goldenwings has been conducting online course to suit the candidate’s location and access limits.  Candidates cooperation to attend online classes and their knowledge evaluation test done by us makes us to move forward with live classes.

Candidates from Kerala’s almost 14 districts, especially southern districts are more represented like  Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, Thiruvananthapuram.  Candidates from Ernakulam, Thrissur, Malappuram,Kannur, Kozhikode are also attending our interactive classes with needful attention.

Recognition and prsopects of NEBOSH

Yes Nebosh is accepted worldwide. Check any advertisement for any job requirements of Health and safety engineers, NEBOSH certifications is mentioned as a prerequisite. Occupational safety and security of any growing industry is considered as part and parcel of its ecosystem. A Brand or goodwill  of Industries  lies in its consistent sustenance of production and quality safeguarding its most valuable laborers health and safety. A mishap at it premises will give the industry a societal backlash in the Competitive world. Nowadays   social marketing strategies holds important place where reviews by general public is valued. So a NEBOSH certified engineer’s role is very important and valued very much.

Is it possible for candidates to attend Online Classes for NEBOSH

Yes, as exam through ONLINE OPEN BOOK is allowed, Goldenwings HSE is conducting online training also.

NEBOSH IGC Open Exam – Important tips for candidates
1. “Open book exam” is the new pattern of NEBOSH exams.
2. “ Scenario based “ question formats
3. No direct question from NEBOSH like before. Candidates has to answer to given real life scenarios, typical situations, examples from real life.
4. Candidates has to link his/her acquired wider knowledge base and connect it with the scenarios given by NEBOSH.
5. Approach of candidate to solve the questions is very important.


1. Go thoroughly through the scenario provided by NEBOSH at least 2 to 3 times.
2. Make a meaningful and scenario related headline and detail with summary.
3. A peaceful thinking process has to kept keeping in mind the marks and start a mind mapping with sequence of events in the given scenario.
4. Compilations of answers has to be done with strict and required word counts. A unrelated lengthy explanation has to be avoided.
5. Now 24 hours is given to answer a question earlier it was 2 hrs .
6. You will be benefit if you rely to a meaningful heading and detailing or explanatory content in the middle and an apt conclusion. Don’t stuff unrelated information which will affects reversely only.